//: What founders say ...
"Hey Mel! I just wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the work you’ve done for us. I know we get you paid for everything you do and it’s your job, but you’re absolutely outstanding at what you do. Not only can you produce amazing graphics and digital design, you can also fully understand our project and what our goals are. This is something near impossible to find in this space. I really hope you have been having nothing but great experiences with us, we hope to have a long lasting relationship with you and hit new levels of success together. You rock Mel!"
"Its a design masterpiece you have created. You have taken our ideas and brought them to life. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'm excited to get it into the public."
"I'm so glad to have you as a part of the team. It makes my job so much easier and it makes the team look so much more professional with great graphics. Keep it up."
"I'm really stoked at the quality of your work, Mel. Professional from start to finish and very easy to work with."
"I'm so happy you understand our business so well. It makes working with you a dream."
"Words cant explain how appreciative i am of your help. You always go out of your ways for us."
"Overall an amazing job and very happy with it! We knew you'd do a great job you can just tell that you have that keen eye for design! With limited requirements given you were still able to produce great work. Major props and the team is very happy!"
"Mel has been a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her to anyone in the crypto space concidering design work. 10/10."
"You have been a very important part in turning our dreams into a reality."
"One of the most beautiful Whitepapers i've seen so far. And I'm in Crypto for a few years now."
"Hey, i have read like 400 Whitepaper and that is the best whitepaper art i've seen. Hands down."
"You are one of the few people out here making tokenomics into art. We love to see it."

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